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How to Make Money From Real Estate as a Newbie

Asides oil and gas, real estate business is reported to be the most lucrative in Nigeria. This is primarily because of Nigeria’s rapidly growing population. This growing population causes an ever increasing demand for land and properties.

While the oil and gas sector is not readily accessible by all to profit from financially with little or no capital to begin with, it is not so with real estate.

To make money from real estate as a beginner you’re not expected to have millions in your bank account. All you need is the desire to earn and the readiness to do what needs to be done.

Most big players in the real estate industry today began as affiliate marketers for real estate companies. Being an affiliate marketer affords you the flexibility of time and money. You decide your work hours and you decide your pay.

Here’s how you go about it;

•Identify a real estate company whose products (land or property) you would like to market.

•Register with them as an affiliate marketer.

•Get their list of products and begin to market to friends, family and everyone you know.

On every of their product you sell, you receive a percentage of the price of the property as a commission


There are a good number of Nigerian real estate moguls who began like this and today they are CEO’s of large real estate companies making hundreds of million yearly in revenue.

This could also serve as just a side hustle to complement whatever it is you already do.

A real estate company is selling a plot of land at 5.5 million naira and they are offering a commission of 5% to their affiliates. Mr B registers as an affiliate and sells a plot of land in his first week. Mr B earns 275,000 naira in commission.

From the comfort of Mr B’s room he is building his bank balance into millions because in 3 weeks he sold 5 plots of land and has earned over 1.3million naira in commissions. It’s that simple.

This could be you earning from wherever you are if you are willing because we have opened our doors to everyone and anyone who wishes to become an affiliate marketer for our products.

If you would like to earn over 300,000 naira from the comfort of your home when you sell a plot of land for GSS GROUP CLICK HERE to get started and our representative will get back to you ASAP.

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