Does Your Land Enjoy Premium Cover?

Omo-Onile. a Yoruba term, in its original as well as true sense, means “the child of the landowner.”Regrettably, Omo-Onile is now used in describing individuals and groups, illegally or forcefully taking over people’s land. In some cases, their nefarious activities are linked to the loss of priceless lives and other valuables.

The ugly trend is reportedly more pronounced in Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial and economic hub. It is, however, becoming clearer that illegal land vendors and speculators are finding safe haven in other urban centres including Abuja, the nation’s capital territory. Borno State government recently clamped down on some vendors, engaging in land racketeering within Maiduguri, the state’s capital. Ogun State equally took the bold step of fencing state-owned primary schools to ward off land speculators. Some states in the federation are equally sternly warning speculators and fraudsters to relocate from their areas or risk jail term, when caught.

In Anambra State, GSS Real Estate and Investments is proving that effective and timely checking of the activities of land-grabbers is not limited to the government. The leading provider of premium real estate solutions is passionately using its world-class housing project, dubbed “Dubai Estate,” in proving that land-grabbing must remain a complete strange term in Awka, the capital of Anambra State. The estate is professionally and exceptionally guarded by GSS Security Services, one of the most tested, trusted, and proven private security outfits in Nigeria.

Plots of land are still available at Dubai Estate for immediate purchase and allocation. Interested in getting more details about Dubai Estate? Please, contact our sales team through:

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