Dubai Estate: The Process, The Dream

One of the attached pictures perfectly captured an ongoing breathtaking housing project at Dubai Estate. It is, therefore, not debatable that at Dubai Estate, the brand promise has never been merely crafted and archived vision. It is fast taking full shape and proving to be one of the most thrilling stories in the global real estate space.

Dubai Estate boldly promises to be one of the biggest and best-bet real estate investment opportunities. It promises to be the ideal housing space for those interested in “owning and controlling the future.” It promises to deliver to subscribers nothing less than world-class economic, security, healthcare, social and leisure experiences.

Interestingly, GSS Real Estate and Investment, passionately crafting and proving the good news about Dubai Estate, is not stopping at walking the brand talk. The award-winning developer, through GSS Group, its parent company, is offering subscribers more seamless solutions.

GSS Construction, an established name in the construction space, has been crafting and equipping subscribers with premium architectural designs. The top-notch firm is always on the ground to link up subscribers to the latest and best trends in the construction space. Subscribers can also confidently bet on the full safety of their investment, counting on GSS Security.

Dubai Estate is situated at Awka, Anambra State, Southeast, Nigeria. We warmly invite prospective investors to key into the inspiring story as some plots of land are still available for purchase and immediate allocation. Interested?

Please, contact our sales team through: 08141690169

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