Whose Work Defines your Fashion Style?

Does one necessarily need to break a bank to look classy outside one’s home? Understandably, the question might lead to debates. It, however, cannot be erased that whatever one decides to wear must perfectly fit one’s style. It further stands that whatever one settles for must ultimately define each moment and occasion.

Crafting and flaunting unique as well as trendy expressions has gone beyond appearing in out-of-date styles. It is now about thinking beyond “the usual” and ensuring that every detail truly counts. Please, look closely at the attached pictures and share your thoughts with us.

The finished product (pleaserefer to the cover picture) was coursework, conceived, planned, and executed by some trainees at BigBen Fashion and Design School. The award-winning institution has been providing rewarding training and internship opportunities for fashion enthusiasts. It caters mainly to individuals seeking to kickstart their fashion designing and styling career and those seeking to upscale their fashion creativity.

BigBen Fashion and Design School is the training arm of BigBen Fashion and Design Limited, an established provider of premium fashion solutions. BigBen Fashion and Design Ltd, situated at Awka, capital of Anambra State also owns BigBen Factory, catering to individuals, businesses, and organisations whose needs centered mostly around premium monogramming and embroidery.

If you are ready to explore new and best ways of crafting striking styles, quickly sign in to tap what uniquely sets BigBen Fashion and Design Ltd and her premium solutions miles apart from the crowd. Please call: +234 9039322344 to speak with our customer care representative. For more details, please, visit: www.school.mybigbenfashion.com

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