Trillion Dollars Picture!

The cover picture captures routine but thorough projects checks by Chukwudi Ezenwa, Chairman/CEO, GSS Group, and a select team of vision-chasers. The latter consistently reviews to ascertain that every ounce of job executed by GSS Construction connects with the group’s vision. It consistently checks to ensure that personnel of GSS Security must not just be on the ground but must be fully prepared to provide 24/7 effective security services for existing and prospective clients.

The vision, vis-à-vis the attached picture, centres around delivering Dubai Estate which promises to be one of the safest investment havens in the Nigerian real estate space. The estate boldly promises to be one of the biggest and best housing solutions in the country. It equally promises to be the ideal housing space for investors interested in “owning and controlling the future.” It further promises to deliver to subscribers nothing less than world-class economic, security, healthcare, social, and leisure experiences.

Dubai Estate, a flagship brand of GSS Real Estate and Investment, evidently beats every investment hiccup. It is solidly sitting on 30 hectares of land, situated along popular Trans-Obibia Layout, Awka, capital of Anambra State, Nigeria. The estate is simply a one-minute drive from the prestigious Ngozika Estate.

The awe-inspiring project equally aligns with the investment drive of Anambra State and Southeast at large. The incumbent political leadership of Anambra State flagged off allocation of each plot of land to subscribers through Bonaventure Enemali, Commissioner for Land. Uche Okafor, Speaker of Anambra State of House of Assembly subsequently led some top dignitaries to the project site in planting trees, clear attesting to the eco-friendly nature of Dubai Estate.

Meanwhile, there are still opportunities for prospective and future-driven investors to key into the Dubai Estate vision. It starts with buying plots of land. Please call: 081 4169 0169 to speak with our customer care representative and instantly tap into what uniquely sets Dubai Estate apart in the crowded space.

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