African Largest Real Estate Conference! Pin Drop Silence as GSS Boss Wows Real Estate Investors with ‘Aku Ruo Ulo Philosophy’

The atmosphere, at the venue of the First Real Estate Formula Conference, held on November 3, 2021, at Amadeo Event Centre, Enugu, Southeast, Nigeria, was truly charged. The audience, however, became very calm when Chukwudi Ezenwa, Chairman/CEO, GSS Group, mounted the podium to explain the idea behind his legendary housing solution, Dubai Estate. The business mogul spoke as a panelist at the event which was organised by Muna Real Estate Limited and graced by many local and foreign investors.

Ezenwa, a thoroughly trained architect, explained that Dubai Estate is a clear testament to “Aku Ruo Ulo.” The latter in the Igbo language means “wealth gets home.” He also stressed that the premium estate goes beyond addressing the housing deficit in Awka, Anambra State, and the country at large rather it is a very “big idea” that would ensure that investors consistently reap appreciable returns on investment in a highly secured environment.

Dubai Estate, a flagship brand of GSS Real Estate and Investment, is being executed by GSS Construction, an award-winning construction firm. The estate is just a one-minute drive from the prestigious Ngozika Estate. It is solidly sitting on 30 hectares of land, situated along the popular Trans-Obibia Layout, Awka.

Eze Munachino Obinna, a property investment consultant, boldly affirmed that Dubai Estate promises to be one of the most remarkable accomplishments in the entire Southeast region. “I visited Awka and marveled at the level of development going on at the site of Dubai Estate,” stresses Eze, who is equally convener of the conference. “Ezenwa’s story is “truly inspiring,” Lorenzo Menakaya, co-host of the event, also notes.

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