What makes GSS Block so Tick?

Block-making is considered one of the most lucrative business ventures. It is equally creating opportunities for all sizes of players. However, in Nigeria, it takes more than being a professional or having an operational license to make real progress in the space.

The makers of GSS Block, from inception, resolved not to be in block-making business just to bear a name. They set out to produce blocks that beat the expectations of the final consumers. They were also concerned about producing products that meet local and international standards.

Since the launch of GSS Block, it has been enjoying leadership status in the block-making space. Little wonder it has been pulling appreciable patronage within and outside the Southeast region. It is made with the finest materials, sourced locally and internationally. It is equally produced in a location that is easily accessible to suppliers and customers.

GSS Block is produced by a well-trained team. Another team of top-class experts is always on the ground, supervising and certifying that each block never moves below industry-approved standards. The entire team further ensured that product delivery to customers beats the speed of light.

GSS Block is proudly owned and managed by GSS Construction. The award-winning company is headquartered at Awka, capital of Anambra State, Nigeria. To order and have GSS Block directly delivered at your preferred location, please call: +234 812 443 3492. Email: [email protected]

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